Hambledon Public School

Learning for Life

Telephone02 9837 3200


General Information

School Times

Session 1              9:00am – 11:00am

Session 2              11:30am – 1:00pm

Session 3              1:30pm – 2:45pm


  • Music is played 5 minutes before the starting time of each session.
  • As the play area is supervised from 8:30am, in the interests of safety, children should not arrive before 8:30am.
  • Please ensure that if your child is not a bus traveller, they are collected promptly at 2:45pm each day. If you are running late a courtesy call to our office is appreciated.



Regular attendance at school is important to ensure satisfactory progress is being made in all aspects of learning. If your child is absent an explanatory note should be sent to school explaining the reason for the absence. Parents may wish to phone this information to the school, but a written note is preferred. Absence notes can also be submitted via email and our school app.  Parents of students who are absent from school for unexplained periods of time may be referred to the Home School Liaison Officer who will seek reasons for absences.

  • Students taking holidays during school term are invited to apply for leave prior to taking the holiday. 


Late Arrival to School

Students arriving late to school must obtain a "Yellow Late Pass" from the office that is handed to their teacher upon arrival in class.  Parents need to accompany students to office or supply a written reason for late arrival.


Leaving the School During the Day

If students have to leave the school during the day for an appointment or other reason, they must bring a note from their parent or caregiver to the teacher prior to the time. When you come to collect your child you must first report to the office and the office will call your child up to office.  Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds unsupervised under any circumstances.


Family Law Court Matters

Please provide copies of any Family Law papers such as access papers or residence orders when enrolling your child or as soon as they become available. 


Lost Property

All lost property is placed in a red box that is wheeled onto the playground each day. Students are encouraged to take found items to the box and search in there for their own lost property. Parents are asked to mark all clothing and equipment with their child's full name. Goods such as toys, jewellery and valued treasures that can easily damaged or broken should not be brought to school.



From time to time it is necessary to send money into school to cover the cost of excursions or materials. Please send the money in a sealed envelope marked with the child's name, class, amount of money and the purpose of the money.  Money/notes are "posted" in the front office prior to school each day.


Book Club

An order form is given to children twice each term for Scholastic Book Club. Orders must be paid online directly with Scholastic by the due date. No cash payments are accepted.