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Learning Goals/Success Criteria

Learning Goals: WALT (We Are Learning To)

The learning intention of a lesson, or series of lessons, tells students what they should know, understand and be able to do at the end of that lesson, or series of lessons. At Hambledon Public School we refer to this as WALT. All students are told what the learning intention is at the beginning of each lesson.  

We have a stage goal, a class goal and individual goals for each student. Individual learning goals and targets aim to improve students' learning and achievement and build students' capacity to learn. Students and teachers are responsible for setting goals. We have found that students who set their own learning goals have more confidence to take on more challenging tasks, regardless of their ability.

Success Criteria: WILF (What I'm Looking For)

Success criteria help teachers to decide whether their students have achieved the learning intention. The success criteria also answer the same question from the point of view of the student:

  • How will I know whether I've achieved the learning intention? 

At Hambledon Public School, we refer to success criteria as WILF. All students are told what the teacher is looking for at the beginning of each lesson.  Teachers can also provide students with rubrics which will provide students with the success criteria and also with descriptions of a number of different levels of performance in relation to those criteria.




Learning Intentions

Learning IntentionsLearning Intentions